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Roland FP-7
Roland stagepiano fp7

Enjoy an authentic piano playing experience, with sound and touch that reacts naturally and dynamically

FP-7 contains Roland's finest 88-key multi-sampled piano sound engine, with each and every key of a full concert grand painstakingly reproduced.
128-voice polyphony ensures that your notes will sustain fully and naturally, regardless of how fast or densely you play.
The FP-7 features Roland's new PHA II (Progrssive Hammer Action II) keyboard that responds naturally from pianissimo to fortissimo. The touch of the FP-7 can be adjusted in 100 incremental steps.
All of the intricate saved details of a real piano have been captured in the FP-7, including hammer and damper noise, and string and key-off resonance. The FP-7 lets you adjust the virtual degree of grand-piano lid, and includes hammer responce, the Duplex Scale system, and user micro tuning.
In addition to its grand piano sound, dozens of other great instrument sounds are built into the FP-7. Digital effects are also provided, including a 4-band digital equalizer to customize the sounds to your preference.
Equipped with convenient built-in speaker systems, Roland's FP-7 deliver rich, sparkling sound without requiring additional speakers or amplifiers to be connected. The FP-7 is designed to fill both small and large spaces with its vibrant output from built-in speakers.

The perfect balance of advanced design and classic performance

Newly designed compact, lightweight body. The top panel and easy-to-access control buttons provide an uncluttered, classy appearance.
The FP-7 is equiped with a large graphic LCD for easy operation.
A pair of headphone jacks are provided for duets or late-night practice sessions.
The custom-made piano stand (sold separately) includes a hook for headphones.

Portable design fits well in any musical environment

The stylish, slim design allows the FP pianos to be placed inpractically any environment, no matter how limited the space may be.
The FP custom piano stand (sold separately) can be removed for easy transport. From the home to the studio to the stage, you can take your FP with you wherever you go.
FP-7 can also be used with keyboard stands such as Roland's V-Stand (sold separately).

Wide variety of connections to expand your musical options

To import and export data, the FP-7 is equipped with an External Memory Connector. Connect a USB memory stick, or an off-the-shelf USB CD drive.
The FP-7 features a Mix In Jack, which enables you to connect a portable digital audio player and enjoy playing along with your favorite songs.

Great featires for lessons and live performance alike

With 80 types of Session Partnetr accompaniment patterns (each with two variations), the FP-7 gives you the experience of playing along with a full band.
The built-in recorder lets you record your playing for playback, for evaluation, and for sharing with others. Up to 99 Songs can be saved onboard.
The Audio Key is a new FP-7 feature that lets you easily play back additional audio material using the keyboard. Play along with vocals or live performance such as those found on the included sample data CD. Audio Key lets you assign audio files directly from USB memory to specific keys on the keyboard for playback during your performance. Imagine adding "live" background vocals to your song as you play, for example. Your audience will be amazed!

Connect a PC via USB for advanced song creation

Connect your FP-7 to a computer using the USB (MIDI) connector for enhanced song creation and recording.

88 keys PHA II keyboard
Touch Sensitivity
100 levels, Off (velocity adjustable)
Sound Generator
GM2 system / GS / XG lite compatible
Max. Polyphony
128 voices
339 tones (include 6 Tone Wheel Organ) + 9 Drums Sets
Reverb, Digital Effect (62 types), Sound Control (3 types), 4-band Digital Equalizer
Session Partner
Rhythm : 80 types x 2 variations, Chord Progression : Automatic or input with keyboard
(User Programmable)
Tracks : 3 tracks, Song : 1 song (Max. 99 songs to Internal Memory), Note Storage : Approx. 30000 notes, Tempo : Quarter note = 10 to 500, Resolution : 120 ticks per quarter note
To Internal Memory : 28 x MAX. 25 sets, To USB Memory : 28 x MAX. 99 sets
Internal Songs
65 Songs
Demo Songs
10 Songs
Playback and Save
Medi a : USB Memory, Playback file: SMF format (0/ 1), Audio File
( WAV format, 44.1 kHz, 16 bi t linear),
*Audi o F ile can be played wi th Audio Key Function., Save format : SMF format (0), Registration set
Rated Power Output
13 W x 2
8 cm x 12cm x 2 with Speaker Box
Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots (with backlit)
External Memory Connector, Output Jacks (L / Mono, R) : 1/4 inch phone t ype, Input Jacks
(L / Mono, R) : 1/ 4 inch phone type, Mix In Jack : Stereo miniature phone type, Headphone Jack x 2 : Stereo 1/ 4 inch phone t ype, USB (MIDI) Connector, MIDI Connectors ( In, Out), Pedal Jacks (Damper, Sof t *, Sostenuto*) * Assignable, DC In Jack
Power Supply
DC 12 V (AC Adaptor)
Owner’s Manual, Audio Key Utility Quick Guide, CD-ROM (Audio Key Utility), Information about SONAR LE, CD-ROM (SONAR LE), AC Adaptor, Power Cord, Music Rest, 2 screws for the Music Rest, Pedal : DP-8 (available Half-damper)

Size and Weight
1,346 mm
53 inches
375 mm
14-13/16 inches
137 mm
5-7/16 inches
23.9 kg
52 lbs. 12 oz.

Size and Weight ( FP-7 with dedicated stand KSC-44 and music rest )
1,346 mm
53 inches
396 mm
15-5/8 inches
949 mm
37-3/8 inches
36.1 kg
79 lbs. 10 oz.

*The specifications are subject to change without notice.